This is my first fashion blog!!! The reason for me creating this blog is to express my fashion thoughts and also show my own personal unique sense of fashion. Fashion is one of the most important things to me because without it everyone would look the same and all wear the same thing… That isn’t any fun at all!!! fashion gives everyone a chance to express themselves and show their own styles whether it be vintage or urban or a mix of both there is no ending with the lengths a person can take when expressing their own style. whether if it is currently the hottest trend or not. I am going to be posting trends that I think are hot and what is NOT! I’ll also put up pictures of some of my daily outfits to show more of who I am and the style I like.

At the end of it all fashion should be something that is fun and shouldn’t be taken so seriously. Remember the most important thing when figuring out your own style ; HAVE FUN WITH IT.